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we lost Geronimo this year
This has been a sad year we lost our Geronimo.

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Clyde Sold
Clyde is now tracking cows on wheat pastures

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Jessie Sold
Jessie found a great new home!

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We've got a website!!!
Here we are!

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What We're All About

"A New Spin On Training..."

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Here at Nelson's 5 Star Stables we have put a new spin on horse training. We don't believe that for a horse to be successful that they have to live their life in a stall, and only run on the track. Betty Jo
Geronimo In fact, we believe quite the opposite. If a horse is allowed to live in open spaces, and is trained over new, rough terrain, they will be just as successful, if not more successful, than their stabled counterparts.


The name Nelson's 5 Star Stables, and the logo, the 5 pointed star topped with 5 stars, has a meaning. Our family is made up of 5 members, 5 members without whom our family would not be whole.

The name and logo are meant to show the unity which our family shares, and give credit to the driving force behind this endeavor, the Nelson Family.

Individually we are David, Marsha, Bryant, Tyler, and Riley Nelson.


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