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we lost Geronimo this year
This has been a sad year we lost our Geronimo.

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Clyde Sold
Clyde is now tracking cows on wheat pastures

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Jessie Sold
Jessie found a great new home!

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We've got a website!!!
Here we are!

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Every stable needs a guard dog.

It's an interesting story about how we got Buttercup. David was at the sale barn here in Gainesville one day looking to buy some cows, when a little old man leads in his little miniature donkey. The donkey had obviously founered, and the bidding started at $50. Nobody would give $50, so the auctioneer dropped it to $25, and then, $15, and finally $5... nobody would even give this old man $5 for his little donkey. Keep in mind that it costs at least $15 to sell an animal at the sale barn. Finally David offered him $15 for his donkey, and we've had him ever since.

He's a great guard donkey, but we've yet to be able to touch more than the tip of his nose when we catch him off guard with a bucket of food.


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