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we lost Geronimo this year
This has been a sad year we lost our Geronimo.

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Clyde Sold
Clyde is now tracking cows on wheat pastures

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Jessie Sold
Jessie found a great new home!

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We've got a website!!!
Here we are!

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Jessie has been sold to a great new home!

Jessie is a 7 Year Old Flashy Buckskin Mare

She has three white socks, a small white blaze on her face, line-back dun, zebra stripes on her legs, and her tail drags the ground. She stands 14 hands and around 900 lbs.

She's had 30 days of professional training, and we have started training with Clinton Anderson Fundamental Methods.

Jessie carries tarps and has been sacked out with bag. Check the videos below.

She seems to favor women and will make a great playday or trail horse.


Jessie and the Plastic Bags

Pictures(click to expand, and click again to reduce)


Jessie in Her New Home



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