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we lost Geronimo this year
This has been a sad year we lost our Geronimo.

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Clyde Sold
Clyde is now tracking cows on wheat pastures

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Jessie Sold
Jessie found a great new home!

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We've got a website!!!
Here we are!

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aka: Stormly Dale


Storm is a Quarter Horse - Arabian cross. His mom was a Quarter Horse, and his dad was an Arabian. He actually fathered three fillies before he was gelded.

If you ever see him run it's obvious that he's an Arabian. When he lifts that tail up and you see the fire in his eyes. There are few things that are more beautiful than watching a horse run.



If you notice, storm has some fairly large scars on his flanks, one on both sides. These scars are the last remnants of "dinner plate"-sized wounds. He fell down into a trench that was being dug out in the pasture, and got stuck, wedged in on both sides. They had to lift him out with a crane.

Third Generation Family Horse

Storm is actually a third generation family horse. His mother and grandmother were both owned by our family. This would make his fillies fourth generation family horses.

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Storm around the barn.



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